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Merle of Nazareth, #7 By: Mike Nawrocki Illustrated By: Luke Seguin-Magee

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Product Description

In Merle of Nazareth, #7 by Mike Nawrocki, The Dead Sea Squirrels are back! This new installment from the Dead Sea Squirrels Series will continue its humorous story of Merle and Pearl who have been squirrelnapped and taken to Israel! Although school has just started up for the year, Michael, Justin and Sadie convince their parents to take them on an educational trip to Israel. The kids have been able to track Merle and Pearl to their first stop with their squirrelnapper, in Nazareth. This is the town where Joseph and Mary lived before Jesus' birth. Next, they learn that the black-market artifact collector will be moving Merle and Pearl to Bethlehem. Will the kids find Merle and Pearl in time, or will the squirrelnappers get away again? Paperback, 128 pages.


Product Information

Title: Merle of Nazareth, #7
By: Mike Nawrocki
Illustrated By: Luke Seguin-Magee
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 128
Vendor: Tyndale Kids