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Squirrelnapped!, #4 By: Mike Nawrocki Illustrated By: Luke Segun-Magee

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Product Description

In Squirrelnapped! by Mike Nawrocki, the Dead Sea Squirrels are missing! Well, Pearl that is. Michael is enjoying his first Saturday of the school year, teaching Merle and Pearl to play soccer---in the house! When a straw ball smashes his mom's favorite elephant lamp, Michael sees the chance to lay the blame on his little sister. He and the squirrels head to the park to play, but the man in the suit and sunglasses shows up and snatches Pearl, and Michael and his family must band together to save her! Michael learns the value of honesty.

Product Information

Title: Squirrelnapped!, #4
By: Mike Nawrocki
Illustrated By: Luke Segun-Magee
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 128
Vendor: Tyndale House