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Stronger Than Stress Bible Study Developing 10 Spiritual Practices to Win the Battle of Overwhelm by Barb Roose

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Combat chronic stress with 12 spiritual practices that help you identify the root cause of stress, anticipate triggers, exchange unhealthy reactions for healthy ones, and strengthen your connection with God, who offers you a life of peace no matter your circumstances.

Everyone experiences seasons of stress, but you are not condemned to a lifetime of anxiety. Stronger than Stress offers 10 spiritual practices to help you overcome daily overwhelm with God's peace and strength. Learn from the life and teachings of the apostle Paul as you dive deeper into just how to make chronic stress and overwhelm a thing of the past by applying each practice to your life.

This interactive study guide helps you

· Focus on God's big picture that enables you to see beyond your stress
· Study 10 spiritual practices that create space for you to connect with God
· Learn your stress triggers and effective, Scripture-based tools to experience peace
· Win your battle of daily overwhelm so that you can live strong in your purpose and passion

If you want less stress and more peace no matter what life throws at you, let this study guide pave the way to a better tomorrow. Coming Soon