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Alive Bible Study Book Growing In Your Relationship With Jesus

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As a new believer in Jesus, you may be wondering, What now? How do I continue growing in my faith? In a world full of confusing beliefs and persuasive voices, it's vital to understand and embrace your full identity in Christ as you begin your journey of faith.

In Alive: Growing in Your Relationship with Jesus, you’ll spend five weeks walking through the basic, fundamental beliefs of the Christian faith. You’ll gain understanding of the change that has taken place in your heart and life as a new believer and learn what it means to walk out your faith as an individual and as part of the body of Christ—the community known as the Church. Understand the meaning and importance of historic Christian practices like baptism, prayer, worship, the Lord's Supper, tithing, missions, and more. And hear and respond to the calling and encouragement to take the long view of the Christian life, being challenged to endure and leave a legacy of faith behind.

A study designed to help new believers understand the meaning and importance of historic Christian practices like baptism, prayer, the Lord's Supper, and more
5 weeks of personal study
Beautiful, full color interior and fresh design reflecting the goodness of growing in Christ  

Discover what it means to be a follower of Jesus, find your identity in Christ, and be part of His church
Grasp a deeper understanding of the biblical truths that the Christian life rests upon
Lay a strong spiritual foundation for a lifetime of following Jesus
Strengthen your walk with Christ whether you’ve been following Him for days or decades
Great for individuals, small groups, or mentoring and discipling relationships