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Jesus Each Day for Women: 365 Devotions and Prayers--hardcover

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Product Description

There's no greater personality than Jesus--so why not make time each day to know Him better?

This 365-day devotional highlights aspects of Jesus' life and work, His teaching and impact on women's lives, offering you powerful insights for each day. The brief readings aren't theological, but inspirational, pieces that provide food for thought as you start or end your day--or take a devotional break somewhere in between!

Monthly themes, such as:


  • Beginnings
  • Love
  • Rebirth
  • Blessings
  • Growth
  • and more

    tie the encouraging messages into the annual calendar, while women-specific prayers with each entry provide a personal touch.

    The Creator, Sustainer, Lover, and Redeemer of humanity is worthy of every moment you devote to Him... Jesus Each Day for Women will help you do just that.

    Product Information

    Title: Jesus Each Day for Women: 365 Devotions and Prayers--hardcover
    By: Compiled by Barbour Staff
    Format: Hardcover
    Number of Pages: 384
    Vendor: Barbour Publishing
    Publication Date: 2023