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The Delusion Series: The Delusion / The Deception / The Defiance By: Laura Gallier

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Publisher's Description

This 2018 Christy Award-winning series follows Owen Edmonds in a coming-of-age paranormal thriller as he gains supernatural vision and discovers that his high school is the center of demonic war. Readers will be drawn to the suspenseful story, supernatural & mysterious elements, and the relevant mental health and societal themes like suicide, school shootings, and addictions. Despite the heavy themes, the power of faithful prayer and the ability of light to triumph over darkness are themes throughout and imbue the novel with a sense of hope. This set includes the three books in The Delusion Series:
  • The Delusion: By March of Owen Edmonds’s senior year, eleven students at Masonville High School have committed suicide. He thinks it is a coincidence, but then a near-death experience allows him to see the demons plaguing his school. Owen’s heart-pounding journey will force him to reconsider everything he believes in as the dangers loom too large to ignore.
  • The Deception: After surviving a deadly school shooting, Owen Edmonds has devoted his life to God and to saving the town of Masonville from the dark demon Molek and the unearthly creatures who carry out his sinister bidding. Will his supernatural sight root out the source of evil in his town?
  • The Defiance: After the demonic ruler Molek was dragged off by angelic forces, the spiritual battle in Masonville, Texas, is once again intensifying. Under relentless spiritual attack, Owen and Ray Anne must come face-to-face with their own failures and choose whether they will turn towards God.